Your source of all creation

Get to know and love yourself more with "Your source of creation" Mandala.

Only one mandala in the world just for you.

Your original sound is resonated within you. That is the essence of your eternal being. When you know that sound, you become the true self to be in pure joy without any doubt, fear and inner conflcts.

I’m drawing your original mandala of your essense and sound based on the source of all creation.

I’ve done Near Death Experiences several times with shamanic journeys. In that journeys, I realized we come to the earch from the soruce of all creation. The source is becoming color, shape, symbols and sounds at first, then it is unfolding several concepts/meanings, and finally it’s creating this dimentional reality.

Everyone originally is created from the source, but each person has unique value, and exists in this world. Mandalas literally means “Circle” in Sanskrit and are used in Tantrism, Buddhism, and Hindisum as tools to meditation and enlightenment. In modern days they are used for relaxation and uplifting in therapuitic/healing fields.
I think mandalas are colors/shapes/symboles which have original authentic energy.

I believe you can get to know yourself more with your unique “the source of all creation” Mandalas.


Your Source of All Creation Mandala Gallery

These are actual mandalas I draw for my clients.

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Who is drawing your mandala?

Kazuhiro Tomi(Tommy)

Hello from Tokyo, Japan. I'm a mentor, shamanic explorer, and designer of Shamanic Mandalas.

My journey to know myself started in 2000. Then I met Shamanism in 2005 and took part in a ceremony. I experienced NDE(Near Death Experience) at that time. I realized everything is me! I'm creating this world! Since then my exploration of Shamanism has started. I've experienced NDE several times to dive into the source of all creation since 2005.

Also I have started drawing mandalas based on my experiences of the source of all creation by Shamanic rituals.

I'm teaching and guiding how to enjoy this moment based on shamanism in Japan. Hope you enjoy this moment to know yourself with my mandalas.


Menu and Price


Free Trial

Free Trial








Incl. Free original coloring sheets, Free wallpapers
and  instruction video for your mandala.

Sending you the PDF file when completed

Takes 2 weeks or so to complete your mandala

Giving you some keywords from your mandala while I’m drawing.

You can print it out by yourself.
You can print it for your name card, website, or any your works.

Free original coloring sheets(PDF)

Free original Mandala wallpapers

Instruction video for your mandala

The scope of drawing mandalas

Basically I’m drawing mandalas for individuals. But I can do it for the following.

About the format of mandala PDF data

How to use your source of all creation Mandala

You can use your mandala without limitations. There is no rule to use it. However, I can recommend the following methods to use it.

For Mandala Meditation

1. Set clear intention why you use the mandala. 

2. Stare at your mandala with soft focus. It’s OK to stare at whole or just one symbol or shape of the mandala.

3. Then breath deeply and slowly. Continue this meditative state for about 10min to 20min.

4. After meditating, please write down inspiration or insights you get from the mandala.

For connecting with your source

Display your mandala where you spend the day most. And notice you are always with your source of all creation.

For therapists and healers

If you are a therapist or healer, display it in your session room in order you to be grounded and connect with your intuition and inspiration 

My mandala has just arrived. I was cried out when I saw it. It's really beautiful. I felt healing energy from the mandala to brush away my addness and anxiety. I love indigo color from childfood, and now I got know why. I realized that color is part of my source. When I used it for meditation, I went down deeply to bliss. After receiving this, I felt inspirations much more. Actually it's difficult to express my feelings by words, but I'm feeling I'm surrounded by love when I watch the mandala. Thank you very much for drwaing my mandala.
I've just received my mandala and our couple's mandala. Wow, that's wonderful! When I watched it, I felt like melting into the mandala. I love pink and blue, so I feel it fits me and I can relax. I want to use it with special care. Thank you very much. And our couple's mandala is also great. I feel strong energy from the mandala. I appreciate your creation.


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